Pure Silk Sleep Mask (Black)


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Aside from waking you up, light and disturbances can cause you to frown at night, contributing to lines and wrinkles. To defy this ageing danger and ensure that your beauty sleep remains utterly uninterrupted, Slip’s Pure Silk Sleep Mask shields your eyes in the most gentle, comfortable way possible. Crafted from 100% pure mulberry silk inside and out, the mask is offers breathable temperature control, protecting the delicate skin around your eyes from any damage. The ideal travelling – as well as bedtime – buddy, this miraculous mask is also ideal for those partial to a daytime snooze… the chance would be a fine thing.

How to apply

Use to shield and protect your eyes at night… or when napping.


100% pure silk, highest grade (6A) long strand pure mulberry silk, 22 momme

Certified non-toxic dyes

Pure silk filler and internal liner

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