Pause Hydra Creme (50ml)


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Pause Hydra Creme is the first Luxury face cream for hormonally changing skin. Developed around a rich source of plant hormones with a unique bio-mimicry formula helping to correct  the effect lack of oestrogen has on the skin. Includes 6 special actives and award winning ingredients. Leaving you with a firm radiant complexion which looks bright and smooth, feeling perfectly hydrated with a soft velvety touch.

How to apply

Use morning and evening on cleansed skin 


Lipobelle Soyaglycone, PhytoCellTec-Argan, TegoPep4-Even, Proteolea, Indinyl, PephaTight, Soya bean oil, Wheat germ oil, Flaxseed oil, Grape seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Sage, Wild Yam, Aloe Vera, Menthol
Keeps skin cool and fresh to minimise the effects hot flushes have on the skin.
Vitamin A
Stimulates cell renewal and stimulates the dermis, slows the breakdown of collagen and elastin in in hormonal ageing skin.
Vitamin C
Encourages collagen proliferation and reduces phot damage, anti-oxidant properties. 
Vitamin E
Excellent moisturising capabilities, powerful anti-oxidant, speeds up the rate of cell regeneration and encourages new skin cells to grow.   

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