Oxygen Plasma Glow (60ml)

Ling skincare

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This moisturising lotion contains three superstar ingredients for sensitive, oily/combination & tired skin types. The Hyaluronic Acid & Squalane moisturise & protect without relying on oils while Oxygen Plasma (perfluorodecalin) helps transport large volumes of oxygen to tissues. This triggers accelerated cell renewal & the formation of collagen for firmer, younger looking & feeling skin. This is great for sensitivity because Oxygen Plasma also relieves irritation & infection upon contact.


The oxygen-carrying complex in this lotion was developed from a former Top Secret Military formula used to treat burns by lowering the skin's temperature and killing bacteria. Oxygen Plasma is a complex carbon molecule that mimics the blood's ability to carry oxygen into the cells, helping healing, regeneration and skin plumping. So many anti-ageing products are too rich for oily or sensitive skins but this one does the job without aggravating or overloading the surface.



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