Odeurs D'Hiver (3 x 100g)

Cire Trudon

Why we recommend


Infuse your home with the gorgeous wintry scents of the Odeurs D’Hiver scented candle collection from Cire Trudon. This set Includes three luxurious candles enveloped with rich Melchior, Gaspar & Gabriel fragrances and acts as a wonderful gift idea.  Presented in a grey box with gold colour embossed details, each candle inside is encased in a coloured vessel filled with shining gold leaf.  Give the perfect gift this Holiday season from Cire Trudon

How to apply

It is important to trim wick before each use. When using the candle for the first time, keep the candle alight until the entire surface is covered in liquid wax.  Depending on where the candle is placed it has a burn time of 20-25 hours.


3 x 100g Candles: Bethleém, Gaspar and Gabriel

100% Vegetable Waxes (palm, rice, soy and coprah oils). Wick of pure cotton. Essential Oils.

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