La Fumee Discovery Set (4 x 9ml)

Miller Harris

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The perfect introduction to the Miller Harris La Fumée collection. A vaporous and atmospheric exploration of incense, the beautiful phantom soul of perfume. A luxurious collection of exquisite perfumes. This discovery pack contains 9ml vials of La Fumée Alexandrie, Arabie, Intense and Ottoman.

La Fumée Arabie

Inspired by the romance of the desert

The exotic dark woodiness of agarwood, or oud, burned by Middle Eastern peoples for generations, provides a foundation for the fragrance. Spicy coriander seed and Turkish rose create a shimmering horizon, carried on the wind by a warm breeze of intense cistus, woody cedar and smoky birch.

La Fumée Ottoman

An ode to Constantinople, the crossroads of East and West.

A modern tribute to the incense road of antiquity, a trade route along which precious resins were transported to Mediterranean ports. Arabian frankincense and sweetly balsamic myrrh blend with the unmistakable scent of cumin and the plush velvet of deep Turkish roses. Cedar, mixed with a dense vanilla, provides tinder for the smoke.

La Fumée Intense

Eau de Parfum

Inspired by the entrancing ritual of burning incense and wood chips. Sitting atop a bakhoor burner, precious incense burns with rambling and undulating intensity. A contrast of fresh French lavender with Somalian frankincense. The unexpected fresh character of elemi is amplified by a camphoraceous whisper of cardamom. A blend of cool spices, geranium and chamomile fuel the fire.

La Fumée Alexandrie

A ballad to Alexander the Great's Mediterranean city

The breeze carries a striking and mysterious rose, with playful elements of sweet mandarin and lychee, juxtaposed by an intense and spicy oud. Cinnamon and cumin with their pronounced character face off with the leathery dryness of papyrus and creamy sandalwood. A memory of a powerful and spectacular civilisation.


How to use

Spray onto skin

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