Grape Stem Cell Moisturiser (30ml)

ILCSI Skincare

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Founded by ‘Aunt Ilcsi’ more than half a century ago, her family name is synonymous with the finest, supernatural Hungarian skin care. Grape Stem Cell moisturiser is good enough to eat, yet gasp-inducingly effective, each batch is virtually handmade to order and so fresh (to capture the potency of the botanical actives). Grape Stem Cell Moisturiser is a must-have for more mature skin types; replenishing, rejuvenating and protecting complexions in need of a moisture boost. Ideal for those living in urban environments, this luxurious yet lightweight formula wards against skin-ageing attack from environmental (and internal) aggressors – pollutants, stress, smoke and unbalanced diet – whilst fortifying skin’s fabric by strengthening collagen and elastin fibres.

How to apply

Apply a think layer on twice a day

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