Glacial Face Wash (150ml)


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Why We Recommend


This fantastic everyday Glacial Face Wash from skyn ICELAND is gentle and offers a real deep cleansing experience. It foams and lathers up, getting right into the pores and washing them clean. The cooling sensation has a soothing effect on the skin and a moisture rich effect, helping to restore balance and give your skin a glow.



Soothing to skin yet invigorating to the senses, Glacial Face Wash detoxifies and purifies chronically stressed skin with Icelandic glacial waters and minerals. This exceedingly mild, creamy cleanser foams away dirt, oil and other impurities, refreshing and soothing the skin while maintaining natural moisture and balance. It is packed with benefits, including:
  • Restores skin’s natural balance and glow
  • Offers a refreshing, cooling sensation
  • Rich creamy texture turns into a luscious lather when mixed with water so it cleans deeply and purifies skin
  • Residue-free, non-drying formula that does not leave skin feeling tight

How to apply

Add water to a dime-sized amount and work into a lather between hands. Massage onto face. Rinse. Enjoy the slight cooling sensation. Follow with the ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion in the morning and Oxygen Infusion Night Cream in the evening.


  • Oat and amino acid-based surfactants to provide extra-gentle cleansing
  • Cylindrica seed oil to help repair skin’s natural lipid barrier and fight free radicals
  • Icelandic kelp to revitalize skin and fight inflammation 
  • White willow bark, a natural analgesic, to soothe irritation and provide antibacterial protection
  • Icelandic Complex, a proprietary natural blend that replenishes the nutrients that stress depletes.
  • Sourced from Iceland’s pure and potent environment, it contains pollution-free Icelandic Glacial Water with 6 essential minerals to hydrate and detoxify skin, Arctic Cloudberry and Cranberry Seed Oils “super fruits of the Arctic” rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins and potent antioxidants as well as Pure Molecular Oxygen which delivers energy into skin’s deepest layers to bring back a youthful glow.

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