Bio-Energy Snail Repair & Smooth Cream (50g)


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A rich texture which rapidly gets absorbed into the bottom skin layer. Helps to balance, nourish and rebuild skin’s hydrating system. Contracts pores, refines skin texture and enhances skin’s smoothness. Replenishes collagen for a smoother and refined skin texture. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, keeps skin firm and elastic. Soothes skin, protects skin from external damage. With natural anti-bacteria property to help protect skin. Restores supple and smooth skin

How to apply

After cleansing, apply an adequate amount evenly across the face and gently massage until fully absorbed.


Snail Secretion: Contains active ingredients such as allantoin, collagen, vitamins and natural anti-bacterial property to help skin cells repair and restore its natural defence system, stimulating skin renewal and improving skin’s texture.

Bio-Energy Fluid: Richly contains minerals and trace minerals, makes the molecules so fine to allow optimal absorption of nutrients and moisture into the skin, giving skin its vitality.

Angelica Extract: A natural anti-oxidant for revitalisation, nourishment and whitening of skin.

Wolfberry Fruit Extract: Contains ample Vitamin C, iron, β-carotene to nourish skin.

Grapefruit Extract: Contains more vitamins than that in oranges, highly effective for whitening of skin

Ginseng Extract: With anti-oxidizing and anti-aging properties, protects skin from free radicals and enhance skin’s renewal process.

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