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Welcome to SULIS & THERMAE. The Unique Shopping & Spa Experience

Our belief in the restorative power of water to cleanse, relax and restore the natural rhythm of the body inspired both our name and and our ambition to offer our customers a curated selection of some of the finest products from around the world allowing customers to experience the ultimate in luxury skincare, bathing, beauty and aromatherapy.

Sulis, the Roman goddess of healing water, and Thermae, luxurious Romanic bathing complexes, encapsulate a simple idea of uniting sumptuous sophistication with life’s natural essence.

SULIS & THERMAE is more than just an online shop. Our quest was not only to sell products but to be a repository for easy to understand advice and information to help customers improve their wellbeing and make informed choices about products.

Our products are sourced from some of the most beautiful natural environments in the world and we are passionate about selecting and showcasing the very best from heritage brands with rich histories to championing brands at the cutting edge of emerging skin care innovation.

We hope our hand picked collections will inspire all of you living in today’s chaotic world to embrace an exquisite moment to nurture, nourish and relax your mind and body.


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