Sleep Welle Tea Caddy (50 Bags)



Perhaps the most essential aspect of well balanced health, sleep is an essential time to detox and restore. WelleCo’s tea provides a ritual to unwind before bed and encourage calm, deep, healthy sleep. Valerian root aids falling asleep quickly while enhancing sleep quality and depth, and paired with skullcap, lemon balm, and passionflower soothes anxiety and insomnia. Natural lemon and mango flower provide a natural flavor for a mild, fruity drink. Tea may be used before bed or anytime of day when in need of stillness and calm. Sweet dreams for sweet health. 50 tea bags.

How to Apply:

Steep a single serving before bed or whenever in need of calming.


Lemon balm (43%*), Hops (23%*), Valerian root (16%*), Passionflower (6%*), Skullcap, Natural mango flavor, natural lemon favor. 50 tea bags.

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