Beauty Trend - Snails

August 08, 2016

Beauty Trend - Snails

If you're looking for fresh beauty trends, then it's smart to keep an eye on the products coming out of Asia right now. Korean skincare is widely becoming the litmus test for products that work, and products that will end up on our shelves in the future. We have Korea to thank for the resurgence in BB cream and ultra hydrating (but spooky looking) sheet masks, but now there's a new trend coming out of Asia... and it's snails. 

Before you click away, we're not talking about waiting for it to rain, heading out to the garden and grabbing a few snails to put on your face. This is about the nutrient rich secretions known as by its cosmetic name, snail filtrate which is currently making waves among skincare addicts. 

Snail secretions contain some much loved beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial and copper peptides. You'll recognise these from the boxes of some of your best loved products, so you know how effective they are.

As snail secretions are over 90% water, the slime is meticulously filtered multiple times to get the purest quality. The snail mucin's super power lies in anti-ageing. It helps to promote collagen & elastin, soothes and repairs skin and encourages hydration. It's regenerating properties means it's fantastic for treating dry skin, treating wrinkles and even stretch marks.

Snails are usually cultivated in a lab, and the snail slime is professionally harvested and purified, so don't try a DIY treatment at home. Instead opt for a high quality product that has been produced to the highest standard.

We recommend Bio-Essence Bio Energy Snail Repair and Smooth Cream. A rich texture which rapidly gets absorbed into the bottom skin layer. Helps to balance, nourish and rebuild skin’s hydrating system. Contracts pores, refines skin texture and enhances skin’s smoothness. Replenishes collagen for a smoother and refined skin texture. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, keeps skin firm and elastic. Soothes skin, protects skin from external damage. With natural anti-bacterial properties to help protect skin. 

You can try it for yourself here.