Beauty Sleep Tips

February 19, 2016

Beauty Sleep Tips

Do you find yourself having difficulty sleeping? Getting enough shut eye can make a huge difference to your wellbeing, your mood and your skin. The stresses of modern life can make it tricky to switch off, so we've put together a guide to ensure you get a restful night's sleep. 

1. Ban devices from the bedroom 

Smartphones, e-readers and tablets disrupt sleep because they emit "blue" light. This light tells your brain that it's daytime and means that you're fighting an uphill battle when it's time to snooze. Best practice would be to stop using devices an hour before you plan to go to bed to allow yourself the time to shut down properly. If you find it hard to get to sleep without stimulation try reading a book, or listening to an audiobook on a sleep timer to help you drift off. 

2. Exercise regularly 

Exercise speeds up your metabolism, elevates body temperature, and stimulates activating hormones such as cortisol. Getting daily exercise can create balance that helps with overall health, and so if you get the recommended 30 minutes a day you may find your sleep improving. Be cautious though, as if you exercise too close to bedtime it might actually hamper your efforts, so leave at least 3 hours between exercising and hitting the hay. 

3. Cut down on caffeine 

Obviously downing a double espresso before bedtime isn't going to help you sleep, but caffeine can cause sleep problems up to ten to twelve hours after drinking it. Set a cut off point (e.g. 6pm) and stick to it, and consider reaching for the herbal teas instead. Teatox
designed by nutritionists and naturopaths, is a detox tea that helps you rest peacefully during your sleep. TeaTox Skinny Detox Good Night Tea allows you to have sweet dreams, when it's time for a break and your well deserved beauty sleep. The harmonic composition of the finest organic ingredients in the Good Night Tea creates an effective and delicious tea drinking moment. 

4. Create a harmonious environment 

Make your bedroom your sanctuary and introduce beautiful new bedtime routine. Before slipping into bed, rub on some 1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Relaxing Balm Night. This wonder balm is an organic relaxing balm which is an essential sleep aid: it helps soothe insomnia, anxiety and stress. A unique relaxing and sweet smelling balm, this Good Night balm helps improve your sleep quality and helps you fall into a deep, refreshing sleep. 
Every night before going to bed, slowly rub a small quantity of the balm on the décolleté and inside the wrists for a baby sleep. A shower one hour before going to bed and/or relaxing music will ensure your body and spirit remain in balance.

Next, spritz on Supermood's Beauty Sleep Sweet Pillow scent. Beauty Sleep range is all about reviving your body and skin during the night. The main ingredient is sea fennel stem cell extract, that is a 100% plant based ingredient that effectively regenerates skin on cellular level and helps it to recover. The Beauty Sleep range has a fragrance profile of subtle calming herbs and marshmallow.
A calming and therapeutic scent, which can be sprayed onto your bedlinen before bedtime.

Have you got any top tips for a good night's sleep? Leave a comment below.