Welcome To Teatox

January 14, 2016

Welcome To Teatox

January was a great month for launching our passion for wellbeing, and with that came an exciting new brand by the name of TEATOX.

Various cultures have been using tea for ages for their therapeutic qualities. Not only the choice and the effective combination of herbs, leaves, blossoms, spices and fruits is important, but also the way of preparation and the moment of indulgence. Small rituals create an escape from our hectic everyday life. They help us to relax and to recharge our batteries.

Since November 2013, Berlin-based start-up TEATOX revolutionises the market by offering high-quality tea blends. The unique blends are developed with lots of dedication and in collaboration with experts. 

We're delighted to be bringing you four beautiful teas to help you rebalance and realign your body, mind and soul. 

The first is Daily Balance Detox Tea which is especially made for the relaxing moments in life and to help you feel the connection between body, mind and soul. The harmonious composition consists of selected ingredients like verbena, honeybush, ginger and lemon myrtle leaves which bring out the fruity-aromatic taste. Delicious!

Next up, there's Pure Beauty Tea which contains carefully selected ingredients to support the skin cells and ensure a radiant appearance.  White tea, camomile, olive leaves and a hint of sweet pineapple guarantee that each cup provides you with a healthy glow and natural beauty.

Kickstart your mornings with the invigorating Skinny Detox Good Morning Tea which contains everything you need to wake up with a spark. Nettle leaves contain lots of magnesium, iron, calcium and sodium and Goji berries are known as a super food berry brimming with antioxidants and therefore help strengthen the immune system. 

Lastly, sip a cup of Good Night Tea before bed to help you unwind and de stress. This 100% organic tea creates an effective and delicious tea drinking moment, and helps you rest peacefully during your sleep. The calming blend helps you drift off into sweet dreams when your ready for your well deserved beauty sleep.

We're loving the morning tea right now with a super boosted green smoothie for some serious morning energy. Read the full recipe on our Super Supplement Blog here.