5 Hand Luggage Beauty Hacks

July 06, 2016

5 Hand Luggage Beauty Hacks

Going away, either on a short break or a luxurious long haul getaway doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your favourite beauty routine for the sake of luggage restrictions. To ensure your skin stays pampered and loved even when you're squeezed for space we've put together a quick guide to getting the most out of your hand luggage. 

1. Double check any liquid restrictions before you travel 

Your airline will have a policy, and if you're a frequent flier chances are you'll be well versed in it. But it's always best to double check with your airline before you travel, a quick search will save you stress in the long term.

As a general rule liquids should not exceed 100ml and should be placed in a clear plastic bag no larger than 20cm x 20cm. Double check your products too. There's nothing more heartbreaking than being stood in the security queue as your 'mini' product that you thought was okay to travel with gets confiscated before your eyes for being a few mils over the limit. 

2. Pack smart

Choose multi use products that will work hard for you. Do you really need to pack a serum, an eye cream and a moisturiser? If you can live without them for a week it could be worth taking a versatile skincare product like Argentum's Apothecary's La Potion Infinie with you. The silky face cream can be applied to the face, neck and eye area and will save you fuss and time. Argentum's La Potion Infinie is 70ml so it should fall within the limit but if you get nervous about taking the whole jar with you for flying you could decant a small amount into a travel set. 

3. Take advantage of travel sets 

A lot of the best hand luggage travel sets are perfectly proportioned and are designed to fit neatly into your carry on. Some even come in a airline friendly clear packaging. The Su-Man Skincare Skincare Reborn Essential Discovery Kit has features the Purifying Cleansing Gel Oil (40ml), Exfoliating Facial Polish (40ml) and Velvet Skin Brightening Serum (15ml) which are all designed to work in harmony. 

If you're looking for body care and fragrance, we recommend the Connock London Kukui Oil Travel Collection. This wonderful little set contains the iconic Kukui Eau de Parfum (30ml) 10ml Wonder Balm (full retail size)
Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion (75ml) and Comforting Hand & Body Wash (75ml) all presented in a chic clear cosmetic bag.

4. Take samples 

All those samples you have lying around in your bathroom cabinet waiting to be used? Here's your chance. We offer 2 free samples with all orders over £40 and lots of other free gifts with selected orders and these can be great to take with you if you need to save space. 

5. Streamline your make up 

With all that skincare refined to a minimum, don't forget to pay the same attention to your make up. Chances are, if you're on holiday you're probably not going to want to pack your full cosmetics case. Strip down your best performers to the absolute bare essentials. You may find that after a few days in the sun your skin will be glowing so you only really need a lightweight bb cream, a good mascara a tinted lip balm and a light reflecting concealer. 

Pressed powders (e.g. blush bronzer and highlighter) will be exempt from any liquid restrictions so you can pop them in your bag next to the your creams. Baked eyeshadows can be used as eyeliner when water is applied too, so that's another way you can save a little bit of room. 

What are your favourite holiday must haves? Are there any products you could never travel without? Let us know in the comments below.