3 Minute Bedtime Routine

May 05, 2016

3 Minute Bedtime Routine

Mornings. Do you love them or hate them? Either way, sometimes it feels like there's never enough hours in a day. So, here's an easy night time skin routine that we hope will help to make your mornings infinitely easier.

We've talked about the importance of creating a night care skincare routine that works before on this blog. The key is to keep things simple and avoid anything too involved and overly complicated. The more simple you got, the more you can be sure to keep up with it and the more likely it is to become habit. 

Good habits lead to great skin, but when you're in a rush, it's easy to let all that hard work go out the window. Here's the key to a fast and full three minute pre bedtime routine that will work, even when you don't want to.

1. BAN the face wipes

Sometimes face wipes can be a good thing...

When you're in a rush or need to clean up make up mistakes they can be great, but long term they're simply not going to give you the same level of cleansing as a proper skincare routine. Definitely keep some handy for day to day refreshing, or for long haul flights or even when you're feeling tired, but don't have them be the only thing you do at the end of a long day because they could end up giving you break outs and leaving your skin in terrible shape.

Give yourself a quick cleanse with a good foaming cleanser and a soft, washable cloth. MOA have a bamboo cloth that will change your skincare routine for the better. One textured side works for scrubbing off the day, the soft side soothes. Try that with your favourite foaming cleanser. 

We recommend these three cleansers that are fuss free but cleanse the skin really well without drying it out. 

1. Suti Facial Cleansing Bar 
2. Ling Skincare Exfoliating Facial Polish 
3. Dr Alkaitis Organic Purifying Cleanser 

2. Pick a product that does everything

There's nothing better than doing an incredibly pampering skin routine before bed. A soothing face mask? A serum? A repairing treatment? These things can feel amazing for our skin and make us look and feel like we're giving our skin the love and attention it deserves.

There's not always time for this though, and if you want to hit the hay quickly, then fussing with serum, then eye cream then moisturiser is a bit of a pain. You could try a catch all product like ARgENTUM's La Potion Infinie which glides over the face and neck quickly and works like a dream. There's no need to use serums and it works all over, including the eyes to reduce visible signs of ageing. 

Now brush your teeth, peel back those sheets and get cosy because your 3 minutes are up!