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The biggest sale event of the year kicks off on Monday 19 November - BE REMINDED WHEN DEALS ARRIVE

Why You Should Be Taking Omega 3 Supplements

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Posted: Jan 09 2018

We've all heard about the supplement Omega 3, but what exactly is it and what's so important about it?  It's become a buzzword in the wellness industry where most health experts are saying it's an essential supplement to our daily lives.  

Melanie Lawson, the founder of Bare Biology, saw the positive effects of Omega 3's after developing post-natal depression and found Omega 3's extremely helpful in her recovery.  As a complete convert and believer in Omega 3's, she set out to find the best fish oil in the world to put in a bottle.


Why are Omega 3's so important?

Although our bodies require this nutrient, we rely on outside sources for this supplement.  Melanie Lawson explains in a Forbes article, "Omega 3 is one of the most essential nutrients for our bodies to function properly, from the development of a baby’s brain and eyes in the womb to an 80-year-old’s heart. The most-documented benefits are for the heart, keeping arteries clear and blood triglycerides low. It’s also well known for its role in brain health and many people take it for its anti-inflammatory properties, helping acne, arthritis and a host of other conditions...We need Omega 3 for our brains and eyes to form properly in the womb and as young children. We also need it to reduce inflammation in general, which protects our heart but all aspects of our health. It’s the best thing you can do for your skin, and there is increasing evidence that it can help protect our brains and eyesight in later life. In countries where people eat a lot of oily fish, high in Omega 3, they have far fewer of the degenerative diseases that we have."



Who should be taking Omega 3's?

According to Jackie McCusker, a registered nutritional therapist at the University of Westminster’s Be Well London clinic, explains: “Anyone with deficiency symptoms, or who has tested deficient, anyone with a chronic inflammatory condition, anxiety or depression, stress, cognitive decline, diabetes, a history of coronary heart disease, children that have been diagnosed with ADHD, pregnant women, breastfeeding women…  In all these cases and many more, their requirements for Omega 3 significantly increase.”


What makes Bare Biology different?

Most Omega 3's on the market contain very little EPA and DHA (two types of Omega 3). While standard capsules only contain 1000mg, one teaspoon of Bare Biology Lion Heart Liquid contains 3000mg!  The Liquid is absorbed really quickly, making this great for teenagers, but if you prefer capsules, Bare Biology's is tiny and easy to take.  For mums-to-be, the Bump & Glory capsules are perfect for all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Just one capsule a day contains 560mg of DHA, balanced with 40mg of EPA, to provide the optimum amount to support you and baby’s development. For kids, all you need is one single drop (1ml) of Bare Biology's Super Hero Pure Omega 3 For Kids, which provides 480mg DHA and 150mg EPA, the same as a whole tin of sardines. 

Also, the fish used in Bare Biology is always wild and from certified sustainable sources.  All of their products are tested by the independent International Fish Oil Standards programme.



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