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Now 15 % off with coupon code XMAS2018 - See our worldwide Christmas delivery dates

Which XEN-TAN is Right For You?

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Posted: Aug 15 2017

The Summer may be coming to an end, but not our tan!  XEN-TAN, the newest addition to Sulis & Thermae, is a premium self-tanning company that specializes in a natural but olive-toned tan.  These products nourish your skin and come with delicious scents like Cherry Almond, Vanilla, and Coconut so you can actually look forward to tanning!
If you're new to the brand, how do you know which self-tanner is for you?


Gradual and Light

These self-tanners are perfect when you want to be in complete control of your colour.  With these products you'll build a tan that's perfect for you.

SHOP XEN-TAN Face Tanner Luxe Light/Medium


SHOP XEN-TAN Transform Luxe Daily Self Tan Light/Medium 


A Medium Glow

When you want a beautiful but natural looking sun-kissed glow, these products will leave your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant.

SHOP XEN-TAN Luminous Gold Gel Medium 

SHOP XEN-TAN Fresh Tanning Mousse 

SHOP XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Luxe

Deep Holiday Tan

For that deep holiday tan, look no further - this is the range that gives the deepest olive tan, but looks flawless, fades evenly and lasts for days.


SHOP XEN-TAN Dark Lotion Self-Tan



SHOP XEN-TAN Moroccan Tan Ultra Weekly Self-Tan



SHOP XEN-TAN Transformation Ultra Weekly Self-Tan



SHOP XEN-TAN Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe Ultra Dark


SHOP XEN-TAN Mist Intense Dark

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