Top 3 Perfume Picks

April 16, 2019

Top 3 Perfume Picks

Often it feels as though certain songs, places and objects remind us of specific events in our lives. Scents are also one of these triggers. Why is it that scents trigger specific memories?

Well, there is a scientific explanation for this. Scents become rooted through our olfactory bulb (which is the smell analysing centre of the brain), this area is closely connected to the emotion and memories regions of our brain. So if you happen to get a whiff of something that reminds you of perhaps your grandmother; whether it was the treats she used to bake for you or the perfume she used to wear, now you know why!

We want to ensure that you create long-lasting memories with us, which is why we are sharing our top 3 Sulis scents with you!

Sulis Scent 1: Thermae by Sulis and Thermae

Rooted in Romanic bathing complexes, ‘Thermae’ by Sulis and Thermae seeks out to soothe, refresh and revive the body and mind. Mineral-rich thermal spa water was historically used for healing and restoration. With the city of Bath being known as the site of natural springs, it was thought of as being home to the goddess of water. Our range seeks to capture the restorative power of water to have a positive effect on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Thermae by Sulis and Thermae

It has:

  • Top notes of tangerine and saffron to reawaken the senses.

  • A strong heart of nutmeg and clove to balance and calm.

  • Base notes of a sophisticated and soothing background of sandalwood and tonka bean.

Sulis Scent 2: La Fumee Discovery Set (4 x 9ml) from Miller and Harris

This luxurious collection of perfumes allows you to introduce your olfactory bulb to 4 scents, each inspired by a time in history.

La Fumee Discovery Miller and Harris

La Fumee Arabie is inspired by the romance of the desert.

This scent contains the agarwood, otherwise known as ‘oud’. Oud has been used by generations in the Middle East and has for many fragrances, served as the base for many fragrances. Hints of spicy coriander seed and Turkish rose can be detected, followed by a warm breeze of intense cistus, woody cedar and smoky birch.

La Fumee Ottoman, an ode to Constantinople, the crossroads of East and West.

Paying tribute to a trade route along which precious resins were transported to Mediterranean ports. La Fumee Ottoman has Arabian frankincense and sweetly balsamic myrrh blend, paired with the scent of cumin and the plush velvet of deep Turkish roses. Cedar, mixed with a dense aura of vanilla.

La Fumee Intense, inspired by the entrancing ritual of burning incense and wood chips.

With a contrast of fresh French lavender with Somalian frankincense. There comes an unexpected flurry of fresh elemi which is amplified by a whisper of cardamom. A blend of cool spices, geranium and chamomile really intensify this scent.

La Fumée Alexandrie. A ballad to Alexander the Great's Mediterranean city.

A spritz carries a striking scent of rose, with playful elements of sweet mandarin and lychee, connected by an intense and spicy dash of oud. Cinnamon and cumin face off with the dryness of papyrus and creamy, powderiness of sandalwood. La Fumée Alexandrie seeks to capture the memory of a powerful and spectacular civilisation.

Sulis Scent 3: Tokyo Milk Dark Perfume Ball Destiny No.79

A vile of botanical extracts unearthed, crushed then distilled, form the marriage that is the Tokyo Milk Dark Perfume Ball Destiny No.79.

Tokyo Milk Dark Perfume Ball Destiny No.79

It includes:

Notes of fresh cut ginger, honeysuckle, Davana and midnight jasmine.

Did you know that ‘Davana’, has a generally sweet and fruity scent, but when applied to the body, it’s scent adapts to the person? So no matter who is wearing it, it’ll be unique to that person.

This fragrant temptation has the added benefit of being transportable, so you can easily place it in your bag for when you’re on the go.

Which one of these scents have you wanting to spritz?

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