Spotlight: Asian Skincare Trends

August 29, 2016

Spotlight: Asian Skincare Trends

Ever since BB cream exploded into the beauty market in 2011, skincare devotees and trend watchers alike have been looking to the innovative Asian market for the next new beauty must haves. 

Korea is known for being at the forefront of innovation, with South Korean women forking out almost twice as much of their cash on beauty products than American women on average. It's not just the women who are clued up too, research shows that South Korean men are spending more on skincare than those in any other country.

It's not just Korea leading the charge though, there are some incredible new offerings inspired by Asian trends and ingredients that are gathering a cult following. Are you ready to discover the best products on offer? We've picked some of our favourite beauty products to get you up to speed. 

1. Ginerva 

Established in 1985 by Dr Tor Lam Huat, creator of the award winning Singaporean brand Bio-Essence, Ginvera is the home of one of the most innovative, effective and gentle skincare scrubs around. Designed to clean impurities and leave skin silky smooth and blemish free, this cult product is a blackhead busting, pore cleansing exfoliant which leaves the skin visibly gorgeous and glowing from the very first use and beyond.

Must have product: Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel 

2. Bio Essence 

The award winning Asian beauty export Bio-Essence has always been on the forefront of innovation in skincare. As one of the bestselling skincare brands in Singapore, this well established beauty brand has an impressive track record in creating “must have” beauty buys and cult products. Combining innovative skincare technology and tireless trend spotting Bio-Essence is constantly sourcing new ingredients and scientific solutions to create some of the most well loved, affordable and effective skincare brands around today.

Bio essence uses snail secretions, which are over 90% water, the slime is meticulously filtered multiple times to get the purest quality. The snail mucin's super power lies in anti-ageing. It helps to promote collagen & elastin, soothes and repairs skin and encourages hydration. It's regenerating properties means it's fantastic for treating dry skin, treating wrinkles and even stretch marks.

Must have product: Bio Energy Snail Repair and Smooth Cream 

3. Ling Skincare 

Created by New York facialist Ling Chan, Ling Skincare is provides a complete solution for all skin types. With her vast experience as an A-list skin specialist and a celebrity client list that includes Madonna, Uma Thurman, Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz and Gisele. Ling has used her extensive knowledge and years of practice to create a truly remarkable range. Ling uses a holistic philosophy merging traditional Asian beauty principles with State-of-the-Art ingredients. Blending the best of both worlds for maximum benefits to the skin. 

Must have product: Apple Stem Content 

4. Su-Man Skincare 

Su-Man skincare is the product of celebrity facialist and renowned skincare expert Su-Man Hsu. Born out of a dissatisfaction with other products she was using in her A-list facial treatments, Su-Man took her love of natural ingredients and years of expertise to create this outstanding range. After 4 years of tireless research and development Su-Man has distilled all the magic of her signature facial into a capsule collection of exquisite products. This phenomenal skin care regime blends Taiwanese tradition with Western innovations resulting in a skincare solution that will purify, awaken and enrich the skin, reviving it and leaving it looking younger and more refined.

Must have product: Velvet Skin Brightening Serum 

Have you tried any of these beauty brands? Let us know by leaving a review on the site and you'll get a discount on your next purchase.

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