Long Haul Flight Beauty Survival Tips

July 12, 2016

Long Haul Flight Beauty Survival Tips

It doesn't matter if you're travelling in first, or in coach. Long haul travel is taxing on the body, the skin and the mind. If you're jetting off to a far off location but want to make sure you arrive at you destination looking and feeling refreshed follow our top tips to arrive in style.

1. Pack a survival kit wardrobe

If you're flying through the night make sure you pack something comfortable in your carry on that you can change into when the lights dim. Lightweight, soft clothing that's easy to manoeuvre into but will still keep you warm in the plane's chilly cabin. Warm slipper socks, pjs and a night mask should help you get a few hours of beauty sleep so you don't touch down feeling frazzled and unrested. It's always a good idea to pack an outfit you can change into just before you land, and if you get separated from you stowed luggage you have another change of clothes just in case.

2. Keep your skin hydrated 

Flying dries out your skin. The dry air that's circulated around the cabin will draw the moisture out of your skin, leaving you feeling dehydrated and your complexion looking dull. It's a good idea to fly without too much make up and foundation on so you can top up with a good moisture rich serum or moisturiser during the flight or whenever you feel your skin drying out. We recommend BIOEFFECT EGF Serum which was created in Iceland, and is designed to protect skin from the elements in cold and harsh environments so it could be just the ticket to keep your skin plump and healthy.

3. Keep your lips moisturised 

Dry lips are often the first sign of dehydration, and if you've ever been on a plane without your trusty lip balm you'll know the pain of feeling your lips get more cracked as the hours tick by. Dr Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips is made from 100% Lanolin and is not too sticky. It forms a barrier around the lips and stays put for longer than a lot of water or oil based lip treatments. Keep a tube of Dr Lipp Balm handy and pamper your pout as often as you need to throughout the flight. 

4. Drink plenty of water 

It's an age old beauty tip, but it's still one of the best. You have to feed your skin from within, so make sure you drink lots of water when you're in the air. 

5. Turn the flight into a pamper session 

If you find it hard to sleep, and the in flight entertainment leaves a lot to be desired, you could turn the journey into a fun experience by bringing along a few products to pass the time. Face masks are great, especially if you don't mind getting a few odd looks from your fellow passengers! The Ling Skincare Ginseng Collagen Face Mask is great for dry, dehydrated & ageing skin types. Place the Ling Ginseng Mask over the face, leave on for 10 minutes and give your skin a rinse with tepid water to reveal refreshed skin and instant results. 

If you're not brave enough to go full face mask on the plane, these cooling eye gels from Skyn Iceland come in a handy travel kit and will remove puffiness that comes from sleep deprivation and stress. 

6. Pre landing preparation

An hour or so before you land wash your face and apply your make up. Pack a small cloth (this super soft bamboo cloth from MOA is perfect for this) and a few of your beauty favourites and wash away the last 9 hours before applying a little bit of make up. If you've been feeling a bit uncomfortable and groggy from the flight, this should wake you up and give you a little beauty boost. We wrote a blog about carry on skincare which contains all kinds of neat travel sized products which you can find here, and these small luxuries will have you feeling like yourself again in no time. 

What are your tips for surviving long haul flights? Let us know in the comments below.

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