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How to Pack For a Green Getaway

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Posted: Apr 17 2018

One of the least-fun parts of traveling has to be trying to anticipate everything you might need for a vacation.  We know how stressful packing can be, especially if you're packing 10 minutes before you have to leave so we created a list of tips on how to pack for your next getaway.  After all, traveling is all about the journey, so put energy into what you're doing, not what you're bringing. 

Here are our top tips on how to pack for a green getaway:



Make a packing list ahead of time

To speed up the packing process, make a packing list so you know what you'll need.  If everything is listed out, we promise it'll make packing a whole lot easier!



Travel with a carry-on only

For a getaway, traveling with a carry-on means easier packing and a less stressful experience on your vacation.  The more suitcases you bring with you, the longer it'll take you to pack and the more stuff you'll worry about losing.  Also while traveling, think of bringing home memories instead of memorabilia so you don't overpack your suitcase on the way back.


Roll your clothing

Lay everything out and roll all your clothes to minimize wrinkling.  Plus, it'll make everything look neat in your suitcase, making it easier to choose outfits.  It'll help save on space too!



Use packing cubes

If you haven't used packing cubes, we highly recommend you do.  The packing cubes make it easy to pack and unpack clothes quickly, plus it keeps your clothes separate from each other.  Use one for bottoms, for dresses, or another one for your dirty clothes.



Have a clothing color palette

To avoid overpacking, choose a color palette for your clothes.  This way, you'll be able to get multiple outfits out of only a few pieces and you can mix and match as needed.


Pack travel-sized beauty products 

Keep your beauty routine minimal by packing travel-sized beauty products that you can take with you on your carry-on.  If you can, try to find double-duty beauty items so you can keep your toiletry bag as light as possible.

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