The biggest sale event of the year kicks off on Monday 19 November - BE REMINDED WHEN DEALS ARRIVE

The biggest sale event of the year kicks off on Monday 19 November - BE REMINDED WHEN DEALS ARRIVE

How To Get Ready For An Event

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Posted: May 18 2017

Whether you have a wedding party to attend this season or have an upcoming special occasion, sometimes getting ready can be stressful.  At Sulis & Thermae, we love to pamper ourselves with luxurious products, so why not do the same right before your next event?

Ideally, you'll want to book a facial and a body scrub a few weeks before, but if that's not possible, here are some last minute prep tips:


Do An At-Home Body Scrub

If you plan on bringing your legs or arms out, exfoliate your body to get rid of any dullness.  This is especially important if you plan on tanning yourself too.


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Look like you've been on a holiday with a self-tanner.  Need help choosing one? Read our previous post about choosing the right Vita Liberata self-tanner here.

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Say No To Salty Food or Alcohol, Drink Water Instead

Look your best by staying hydrated with lots of water.  Avoid food and drinks that can make you look bloated.  



Don't skimp on your sleep!  It's important to look and feel rested.


Get a Neutral Manicure

Wear sheer pink nail polish - it instantly dresses up your nails, it goes with every outfit, & is easy to maintain.


Put on a Hydrating Mask

Give your skin a boost of hydration right before you do your makeup with a hydrating mask.  Your makeup will apply beautifully and the mask will brighten and plump your skin.

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