How Sleeping with Your Makeup On..

September 29, 2016

How Sleeping with Your Makeup On..

How Sleeping with Your Makeup On Damages Skin

Into every girl’s life, a few late evenings will happen.  It is never a conscious choice to fall asleep while still wearing your cosmetics, and most of us find ourselves falling asleep on the chesterfield, before staggering off to bed.  According to one survey, women indicated that this happened at least twice per week.

If you are committed to healthy skin, and maintaining a youthful complexion, wearing your cosmetics to bed is one of the most damaging habits you can have.   We will explain how it can create blemishes and actually change the texture and tightness of skin, and we will share a study and experiment that found wearing cosmetics to bed led to premature aging.

How Bad Is It? The Experiment

In a 2013 article published by “The Daily Mail,” a scientific experiment was conducted over a thirty-day period, to measure the results of wearing cosmetics to bed.   Not only did the subject sleep with her makeup on, but she kept it on without washing her face for the thirty-day period.

At the European Dermatology London clinic, the medical director, Dr. Stefanie Williams was consulted to assess the damage of continuously wearing cosmetics for a period of 30-days.  Using 3D skin imaging, the results demonstrated a 5% increased size in pores (due to the accumulation of dirt, free radicals and bacteria).  Skin was notably aged, and by one dermatologists’ estimate, by more than ten years in terms of dryness and appearance.

What Happens to Your Skin?

The first damaging aspect of wearing cosmetics overnight is lack of oxygenation in the dermis.  If skin is unable to breathe, or if it is blocked by a barrier of cosmetics, it cannot self-moisturise with natural oils that are excreted from the face.   This allows the skin to dry, making it more susceptible to fine lines, and crows feet. Dry skin can also be more easily damaged by friction with pillowcases and other bedding. 

The lack of oxygenation in skin can also lead to skin discoloration, including redness, or dark patches and circles under the eyes.  Pores that are blocked by cosmetics retain pollutants, dirt and oil.  Eye irritation and infection are also common for people who habitually forget to wash up before bedtime, as well as thinning of the eye lashes.

So now you know that falling asleep with your makeup on is not only messy for your pillowcase, but it is really bad for your skin too!

How Can a Regime Preserve Youthful Skin?

Experiment with different product collections to find the right bedtime skin cleansing ritual for you.  Take the extra time to not only thoroughly clean your skin, but nourish it overnight with a high-quality moisturiser, designed for your skin type.     Choose natural, or organic products to avoid chemical damage to your skin, and premature aging. 

Some of our top selling skincare regimes are:


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