Hot Weather: how to get a good nights sleep during the Summer

July 24, 2019

Hot Weather: how to get a good nights sleep during the Summer

Has the weather become too hot to handle? With soaring temperatures being experienced in many parts of the world recently, getting a good nights sleep has become rather challenging.

Research has suggested that the ‘ideal’ temperature for sleeping is 16-18°C; anything above 24°C causes you to have a restless night. Here are some top tips to help tackle those hot sleepless nights!

  1. Keep your cool!

Easier said than done; we know! However, simply keeping your curtains or blinds closed during peak hours of sunshine during the day is a good place to start, and as the evening approaches to ensure that you open your windows and allow for a natural breeze to come in!

Additionally, having a fan during the night is always a good shout; especially if the night is a humid one. Why? The fan will function to evaporate your sweat and regulate your body temperature.


  1. Summer bedding.

You can totally ditch duvets if you’d like to! However, some of us no matter the weather can’t sleep without having some form of cover on us! If you’re one of these individuals, swap your duvet for a bedsheet instead!

Summer bedsheet

  1. Do you have summer PJs?

Did you know that sleeping naked helps you fall asleep faster? Yes, it’s true! The National Sleep Foundation has suggested that cooling down causes you to fall asleep, so going pyjama-less is an option.

If you would like to wear pyjamas, try wearing pyjama shorts instead! 

We’ve even heard putting a pair of socks in a plastic bag and then putting them in the freezer for a while before putting them on is a great method. The reason for this is due to the feet helping release a lot of excess heat from the body, so if your foot ever slips out from under the covers, it’s because your foot is trying to cool you down during sleep!

Summer pyjama shorts

  1. Keep your cool.

Have you ever used cooling spray/mist? Ideal for those humid summer nights, it will help keep your body temperature down, and that paired with having your fan on, or window open may just help you nod off!

Cooling spray

  1. Stay hydrated.

The heat can cause us to become dehydrated, due to excess sweating through which we lose important minerals called electrolytes. Keep a water bottle with you and take frequent sips!


If you have any more tips, we’d love to know!

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