Founder Favorites: May 2018

May 08, 2018

Founder Favorites: May 2018

Founder Favorites is a series that highlights Jessica's favorite products for the month. These products have been curated and adored by Jessica, founder of Sulis & Thermae, for their results, are new releases from our favorite brands, or are currently trending.

The weather is slightly warmer and I'm feeling inspired to update my beauty routine!  Here are the 5 products I'm loving this month:


Nailberry Au Natural

This is the perfect colour leading up to the summer months. We are all so excited for a glitter of sunshine that we naturally start to get our toes out dusting off our sandals from last year. So my favourite for the month is this nude vegan nail polish from Nailberry is a go to at this point in the year.  Hands matching toes, of course!

SHOP Nailberry Au Natural >>




OSKIA Get Up & Glow

It’s really important for me to have a "no makeup makeup" looking face especially during the lead and in the summer months when you start to sweat it off throughout the day anyway. This Oskia Get Up & Glow is the perfect base to pop on my face to ensure a radiant natural looking glow. It hydrates my skin, and the texture is light and airy feeling not to heavy on the skin either. By adding this as a base, the rest of my makeup just appears to glide on and no budging throughout the course of the day which I love!

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Bare Biology Lion Heart Capsules

My go-to product every morning with my morning coffee. I take 2 capsules religiously every day - the capsules boosts my omega 3 intake, gives me more energy daily, helps with my dry skin, and all over appears to give me a positive boost. I’m not a massive believer in taking lots of supplements but Bare Biology purest capsules of Omega-3 have shown me such positive change in my appearance that I would now be lost without them!

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OSKIA Micro Exfoliating Balm

Once or twice a week I exfoliate my skin, not too often as I don’t want to encourage any breakouts and changing the natural oils in my skin too much (TIP: which can happen if you over exfoliate and possibly cause dryness to the skin). This Micro Exfoliating Balm by Oskia is a balm and exfoliator so it doesn’t feel too harsh or drying on the skin but more of a more vicarious cleanse. The sensation of the exfoliating balm allows the skin to feel like it’s having a deep cleanse as well as getting deep into the pores for a deep clean. I focus specifically on my nose area where it’s more congested than the rest of my face. A brilliant prep to get your skin summer or event ready!

SHOP OSKIA Micro Exfoliating Balm >>



Coola Mineral Cucumber Face SPF 30 

This handy sized face coola sun cream fits perfectly into my make bag making sure I don’t forgot to add this in as part of my daily skincare routine. This is the perfect lightweight unsticky organic sun cream! Don’t forget it! It's so crucial in your skin care.

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