Drinking Water First Thing In The Morning Can Lead to Fat Loss

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Posted: Mar 13 2018


Looking for more energy, better brain function, and weight loss?

You just need to drink more water when you wake up.

We all know that water is an essential part of our diet and health, but it's often overlooked by millions of people every day.  While you're fast asleep, your body is working hard to detoxify, repair cells, and so much more!  In fact, researchers found that our brain's major detoxification system is 10x more active while we're asleep.  So it's natural to wake up feeling really thirsty, especially after our body has spent the night working.

In addition to relieving our thirst, drinking 20-30 ounces of water can also help with fat loss.  Researchers found that by drinking 500 mL of room temperature water (about 17 ounces), increases our metabolic rate by 30% and burns about 24 calories.

To really get all the benefits of water, it's recommended that we drink at least half of our body weight in ounces of water each day.  For example, a 150 lb person would need to drink at least 75 ounces a day.  So why not kick your day off strong and drink a bulk of it at the start of your day?  The benefits of water are too good to ignore!

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