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Brand of the Month: skyn ICELAND

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Posted: Sep 05 2017

We all get stressed from time to time but did you know that severe stress can make you chronically ill too?  skyn ICELAND's founder had to learn the hard way after being hospitalized, which is why she created the brand after going through a healing process in Iceland.

"Several published studies in the area of psychodermatology - the scientific study of how emotions affect skin - have shown that stress can actually compromise the skin's ability to function properly, to heal wounds and to fight disease." (source)

Take a cue from Iceland, where you can find a low-stress environment with unspoiled waters, air, and plants.  skyn ICELAND proudly offers products specifically created to offer skin care solutions to treat the damage caused by stress and to bring back your skin to a glowing and youthful state.


Skin looking dull?

SHOP skyn ICELAND Fresh Start Mask

Skin feeling dry?

SHOP skyn ICELAND Pure Cloud Cream

Breaking out?

SHOP skyn ICELAND Blemish Dots

Tired looking skin?

SHOP skyn ICELAND Face Lift In a Bag


Get a FREE 20 mL Glacial Face Wash (a £10 value!) with every skyn ICELAND product purchased.  Don't miss out on trying skyn ICELAND if you're feeling particularly stressed!


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