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An Effective Relaxation Technique at Work

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Posted: Oct 03 2018

Studies show that taking breaks at work is just as important as staying productive.  Meditation or being physically active are just some of the ways that can help boost your productivity throughout the day. 

Annie from @mind_body_bowl, a yoga expert, explains that she has "two ways in which exercise can help when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Sometimes, what I need is something to raise my heart rate and make me sweat, like a spin class or boxing for a physical release, or sometimes its less physical and includes much more stillness and slow movement to create mental space. Yoga can fall into both, although for me the practice is much more about the mind than the physical aspect. Just 5 minutes on my mat, or sat at a desk focussing on my breaths, can be enough to help shift me into a better space.”  

With looming deadlines, it's easy to find yourself stressed out at work so we turned to Annie to teach us how to do yoga at your desk when we're in need of a break.




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