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Now 15 % off with coupon code XMAS2018 - See our worldwide Christmas delivery dates

A Fresh Look with Skin Design London

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Posted: Dec 15 2017

Skin Design New Look

Skin Design London is everything you want from a luxury skincare brand! As an award-winning designer cosmeceutical skincare range, Skin Design London has asserted its authority as a "clinical ultra-prestige" treatment brand with not one but nine hero products.  Its core ethos of combining superstar ingredients such as retinol, antioxidants and glycolics in exciting new ‘couture compounds’ makes it one of the most dynamic brands in the skincare arena. The brand now has a fresh look, but still delivers the same effective results.

Here are a few stand-out products that you're sure to love:

Skin Design London Retinol

Retexturizes, reduces breakouts, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles revealing smoother, younger-looking skin. 
Skin Design London Sleeping Beauty

Perfect for irritated skin that needs extra care or if your skin needs hydration and deep nourishment.

Skin Design London C Antioxidant Glow Serum


Vitamin C is key to promoting collagen, healthy, radiant, younger looking skin—it fights wrinkles and promotes the skin’s resistance to UVA/UVB damage, controls hyperpigmentation and brightens skin with glow-giving 30% vitamin C in a cascade of seven super nutrients for everyday glow.

Skin Design London Retexturing Serum


This gold standard retinol will resurface skin using encapsulated retinol, lactic acid and sea algae to nourish, revive dull, tired skin without the downtime. 

Skin Design London Hydrating Serum


This wonder serum is light and intensely hydrates, smooths, increase skin elasticity, guards against free radicals, de-stress skin and protect cell DNA.

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