The biggest sale event of the year kicks off on Monday 19 November - BE REMINDED WHEN DEALS ARRIVE

The biggest sale event of the year kicks off on Monday 19 November - BE REMINDED WHEN DEALS ARRIVE

Caviar Switzerland - Skincare Review

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Posted: Jan 19 2016

Caviar Skincare
is created in a world-renowned laboratory in the Swiss Riviera has a team of first-rate dermatologists and scientists known for their unparalleled research and development in the field of skincare science. The exclusive collection contains an ingredient complex with high tech active ingredients enriched with precious Caviar extract.

After a very indulgent December and a very cold snap in January, my skin was in need of a serious moisture boost so I turned to Caviar to help boost the recovery, shake up my routine and inject some much-needed hydration. 

For reference, my skin type is normal to combination depending on the time of year (and the time of the month) as well as external factors such as weather and heat. I can be prone to bouts of sensitivity too, so overall a good mix of skin challenges to test the Caviar of Switzerland range. 

The Caviar 24 Hour Regeneration Cream was the first port of call. For best results it should be applied after cleansing and toning your skin. So I started by preparing the face using Dr Alkaitis Organic Purifying Cleanser, which left it feeling firm, fresh and taught. 

The next step is to rub a small amount of the Regeneration Cream into the skin using the fingertips in small circular movements. The product feels light but luxurious, gliding on to the skin in a velvety way, locking in the skin's moisture and creating a protective barrier.

After a week of using the Regeneration Cream, a small dry patch that had formed on my chin had completely disappeared, and my skin felt incredibly soft. I couldn't stop touching it. I even went au natural and wore no make up for a couple of days because I felt like my whole face was glowing. 

The next step was to apply the Cellular Repair Serum, which works well when used in conjunction with the 24 hour Regeneration Cream. The serum should be applied to the face and neck, and like with all the caviar products a little bit goes a long way. The texture was velvety, and felt rich and plumping.

My skin definitely felt firmer and more elastic. The healing properties within the Caviar Serum also helped smooth the dry, irritated skin around my chin, and I found that my neck in particular felt wonderful after daily application. If you're going to invest in a serum, this could definitely be the one.

Finally was the Caviar of Switzerland Intensive Eye Cream. Enriched with peptide, organic floral water and vitamins, it tightens the collagen fibre network to prevent muscles around the eyes from creating wrinkles and fine lines. A little bit of this product goes a long way, so in terms of cost per use, this is a great value product.

This is a wonderfully lightweight cream that immediately soothed the puffy skin around my eyes. The dark circles that had started to form after several late nights in a row felt like they were melting away beneath my fingertips leaving behind a slightly luminescent glow. All in all, this product is bit of a lifesaver if your eyes are looking less than stellar. After a long week with tight deadlines and late nights, my eyes felt brighter and more awake. 

Final verdict:

The Caviar range has some real skincare gems. The products work together really well as part of an integrated skincare routine, however they're strong enough individually that they also shine on their own. It's hard to pick a favourite, but the 24 Hour Regeneration Cream was outstanding for hydration so at a push that would be our beauty pick of the week. 

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