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  • Meet The Founder Of Bare Biology

January 04, 2016 1 Comment

Melanie Lawson Bare Biology

We love chatting to the founders of our amazing brands because it gives us (and you!) a better understanding of their passion and knowledge for the incredible products they create. Melanie Lawson is no exception. She founded Bare Biology, a range of Omega 3 supplements with a luxury edge, and she kindly answered some of our burning questions about this very exciting brand. 

What inspired you to start Bare Biology?

I found high strength Omega 3 highly effective and beneficial for my own health after the birth of my second child.  I was suffering from post natal depression and very low energy.  I struggled however to find a really good quality Omega 3 fish oil which is what prompted me to consider launching my own brand.  My background in advertising and firm belief in health through good nutrition gave me the skills I needed to launch the business.

Why is Omega 3 so important?

Omega 3 is, I would say, not just essential but critical for good health.  It is the most clinically proven nutrient, with over 14,000 studies to date, and has amazing benefits for our hearts, brains, joints, skin and general health.  Most westerners don’t eat anywhere near enough oily fish and generally have unhealthy diets which are too high in Omega 6 (another essential fatty acid but inflammatory in large quantities).

Do you have any skincare secrets you could share?

Water, water, water!  I am rather naughty and don’t religiously cleanse my skin; when I do, I use Emma Hardie Moringa Balm and I also use her moisturiser every day. However, if you drink lots of water, don’t smoke and steer clear of junk food - oh, and take Omega 3 fish oil of course! - then your skin should look pretty good.

What's your favourite way to relax?

My favourite ways to relax are going for a run along Brighton seafront with pumping, old school dance music on my iPhone and eating lovely food with my husband and children.  I am also a political nerd so I love watching any political programmes and Prime Minister’s Questions!

What does the future look like for Bare Biology?

The future holds growth, expansion, exports and a permanent quest to offer the very best Omega 3 fish oils on the planet.  I think the future is looking good right now, we just need to stick to what we believe in.

We're shining a spotlight on Bare Biology this week, and actively encouraging our followers to discover something new! If you fancy adding a burst of Omega 3 to your new year's beauty routine, you can buy it here.

1 Response

Richard Remmer
Richard Remmer

January 05, 2016

A great lady with a great product. It really works and has made me feel great. Now a regular user of Omega

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