The biggest sale event of the year kicks off on Monday 19 November - BE REMINDED WHEN DEALS ARRIVE

The biggest sale event of the year kicks off on Monday 19 November - BE REMINDED WHEN DEALS ARRIVE

8 Tips for a Faster NYE Recovery

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Posted: Dec 27 2016

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New Year's Eve is just around the corner and if you're planning to celebrate, chances are you might feel a little bit hungover the next day.  Don't worry, we've all been there, so here are 8 tips and tricks to help you recover a little bit faster.

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In a perfect world, we'd remember to drink water in between each alcoholic beverage and also right before we go to bed.  Alcohol dehydrates your body fluids, so for the day after (or even better, the day of!), drink as much water as you can.  Drinks with electrolytes like coconut water can also help your body rehydrate.


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Although it might be tempting to reach for all the greasy foods, think about what you're craving first and then choose a healthy alternative.  For example, if you're craving for a breakfast sandwich, make an open-faced egg white sandwich with sauteed veggies and feta cheese on a whole-wheat toast instead.  


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Your body loses a lot of vitamins and nutrients with a night of drinking, including vitamins B and C.  Sneak in some electrolytes and vitamins by making a detox smoothie.  We just posted one on our Instagram page that's super easy to make.



If you forgot to take off all your makeup last night (gasp!), now is a good time to properly cleanse your face.  Choose an exfoliating cleanser to awaken your skin and slough away the dullness.  We especially love this Su-Man Skincare Skin Reborn Essential Discovery Kit, which contains the Purifying Cleansing Gel Oil (to remove all your makeup!), the Exfoliating Facial Polish, and the Velvet Skin Brightening Serum.



To remedy your lack of sleep, these eye gels from skyn ICELAND are life changing.  Pop these in the fridge the night before and place them under your eyes the next morning to depuff and moisturize.  This Skin Hangover Kit by skyn ICELAND is GENIUS!  It contains Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, an Icelandic Relief Eye Pen, a Fresh Start Mask, and an Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion.



For some extra TLC, apply a moisturizing mask like the Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask from the Skin Hangover Kit and then apply a moisturizer.  The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion refreshes to reduce redness and irritation and you can also layer it with a heavy duty moisturizer like the BIOEFFECT Daytime Rich to plump and hydrate your skin.


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Don't overexert yourself when you first get up.  Eat, pamper yourself, and take a little bit of time to recover.  Maybe watch a movie or take a nap!


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When you're feeling slightly better, try exercising!  It could boost your mood and help your body get rid of toxins from the night before.


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