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The biggest sale event of the year kicks off on Monday 19 November - BE REMINDED WHEN DEALS ARRIVE

3 Steps To Flawless Foundation

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Posted: Nov 04 2015

flawless foundation

Foundation. The first step to flawless skin, and often the holy grail of make up. For some of us, finding a foundation that has the right amount of flawless coverage whilst still allowing the skin to look natural is an art form in itself. Whilst good preparation and application techniques can take years to refine and perfect. 

The key to flawless coverage is creating the best possible base for the product to adhere to, and so we've put together a quick guide to help prep your skin so your make up will not only look incredible but (most importantly) stand up to the elements and last the whole day.

1. Resurface 

Different skin types are going to have different issues, if you're unsure about your skin type or what products you should be using, we put together a handy blog post here which breaks down the most common skin issues as well as featuring product recommendations best suited to you.

If your skin is dry, it's highly likely that your foundation will gather in your driest areas and cause flaking and uneven distribution of the product. As the day wears on, and your skin becomes less moisture rich (especially if you work in an office environment or with a lot of air conditioning and central heating) those patches will become more visible. 

The first step is to create a smooth base and exfoliate any excess skin using a gentle scrub. This Microdermobrasion scrub from Resultime uses Pink Quartz Micro-Particles and Bamboo Powder to remove dead skin cells, and enzymes to renew the skin. It will leave your skin soft, smooth and luminous.

If you have oily skin, then a good deep cleanse to remove the excess oils should keep your make up looking good throughout the day. A gentle balancing lotion like this one from Suki Skincare helps to realign the skin, dealing with redness & swelling, mild blemishing, clogged & enlarged pores, other oil-control challenges. 

2. Hydrate & Renew

Hydrated skin is soft, silky and key to applying foundation. After you've cleansed and prepared you skin, it's really important to inject a serious moisture burst in to ensure you have the best surface to start with. 

If you prefer full coverage and build your foundation a little bit heavier then a lighter moisturiser is going to be best here. Dr Akalitis Organic day cream is a holistic, light moisturiser designed to repair, heal and protect skin against daily environmental damage whilst stimulating the oxygen supply to the skin's surface, increasing luminosity.

If you've got dry skin and feel you're in need of something a little bit richer and more hydrating, BIOEFFECT Daytime Rich is the perfect solution to thirsty winter skin. This new nourishing formula restores the moisture level of dry skin and renews its youthful glow.

3. Perfect Your Technique

There are 3 tried and tested ways to apply foundation;

- with a brush
- using a sponge
- your fingers

There's no right or wrong way, but generally a flat foundation brush used to apply, followed by either a buffing brush or a blending sponge will yield the best results and keep your make up looking even and natural. Apply first using a flat brush, and build the product as you go. If you're happy with one layer, then you're set, but if you need fuller coverage keep building the foundation into problem areas and buffing after each application to keep the look natural. Resist the urge to load the brush with product and rush as this will only lead to an uneven result.

Bonus tip!

If you don't have primer to hand, reach for the serum, as the skin smoothing qualities will provide a luxurious base for your foundation to glide over. We have a wonderful selection of serums here, but we also recommend Phytomone's rich formula which has a plethora of uses and is designed to be an all round solution to skincare.

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