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Meet The Brand: Miller Harris

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Posted: Aug 25 2015

Miller Harris perfumes blend the old and the new in a heady fusion of classic soft fragrances with a twist of edgy urban cool. 

We love the impossibly chic appeal of the brand, so wanted to share with you some of our favourite products and insights that make Miller Harris unique. 

1. Attention To Detail

If you've ever bought a Miller Harris fragrance then you may have noticed a little something special about the bottle. If you run your finger over the branding you'll find that it's raised, and that's because the bottled for the core fragrance collection are all hand printed. It's this attention to detail that makes the product feel so special and luxurious. 

Want to feel it for yourself? Shop the classics now.

2. 15 Years Of Expertise

Though the brand is only 15 years old, Miller Harris founder Lyn Harris has been creating fragrances for even longer. Lyn Harris spent five years training in Paris, then in Grasse at Robertet, the world’s leader in natural aromatic ingredients. Following this, Lyn successfully created bespoke fragrances for clients before founding Miller Harris Perfumer London in 2000. That's what makes Miller Harris perfume so considered and well crafted, each drop is enriched with the expertise and creativity that Lyn has passionately been committed to for over a decade.

3. A Little Something For Everyone

Choosing your perfume is a very unique thing. Your signature scent can become such a huge part of the memory other people have of you that it's not something most people take lightly. If you're looking to change up your perfume but have a 'go to' list of scents, you'll be pleasantly surprised by Miller Harris, as the classics are well used and respected across the range. For fans of zesty citrus notes, we recommend Citron Citron a vibrant spritz of Sicilian lemon, Spanish orange and Jamaican lime are given spin by cool mint and basil, while a complex base of green moss, Moroccan cedar and cardamom provide a lasting background. If you are more of a woody type then La Fumee Eau De Parfum  which leaves the impression ofsmouldering embers; smoke, wood and amber.

If you're curious about Miller Harris, or want to try one of the gorgeous and unique fragrances, check out the shop here.

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