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Posted: Jul 22 2015

The Ilcsi name is synonymous with the finest Hungarian natural skin care. Founded by ‘Aunt Ilcsi’ more than half a century ago, this heritage brand continues to have a loyal following to this day. For the ultimate in exclusivity, the products are made to order for Sulis & Thermae London. Here's a quick guide to the anti ageing brand with an international fan base and products so natural that they need to be stored in the fridge once they’re opened to ensure their potency.

The Philosophy 

In their own words: "Ilcsi’s philosophy is simple and natural". They believe that nature has a solution for every skin problem. Ilcsi professional organic cosmetics therefore are always made of fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and spring waters, thus, they treat the skin with live active ingredients instead of extracts. The wide range of Ilcsi cosmetics are offered for those who prefer natural skincare solutions, free of side-effects. They respect all forms of life, therefore during the product development, they do not conduct any tests on animals and do not use materials extracted from animals of any kind.

Aunt Ilsci

The founder of Ilsci is Aunt Ilcsi aka Mrs Daniel Molnár, master beautician born in 1926. A beauty enthusiast and the cornerstone of the Ilsci brand, she was awarded with many awards during her lifetime including; the Alternative Medicine Award for her several decades of outstanding efforts devoted to therapy and prevention and a Lifetime Achievement Award  for her several decades’ outstanding work by MOSZI (National and Budapest Trade Guild of Beauticians).

The Products

The brand has a history of using natural products to deliver real results. from the Sour Cherry Gel Mask which has accrued legions of devoted fans with its unparalleled de-puffing prowess, to the Grape Stem cell moisturiser this is a range that delivers. Discover the Hungarian go-to skincare brand, and uncover skin that blooms.

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