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Now 15 % off with coupon code XMAS2018 - See our worldwide Christmas delivery dates

5 Hot Summer Facial Oils

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Posted: Aug 03 2016

Facial oils have long been the beauty insiders best kept secret. Don't be put off by the name, adding oils to your skincare routine doesn't have to mean greasy skin and breakouts. Facial oils could be the key to younger looking skin. The right facial oils can be easily added into your routine to plump and hydrate the skin, meaning that any damage and dryness that can cause fine lines and wrinkles is kept at bay. Instead leaving you with revitalised, healthy and nourished skin in its place. 

We've handpicked 5 incredible oils to inject some much needed love and attention into your skin, to keep it glowing for summer. 

1. MOA - Aphrodite Facial Oil 

This gorgeous, soothing oil boasts a nourishing rosehip oil base. Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A, C and essential fatty acids. It also has natural skin regenerative properties, which means it's a must have so healing and youthful looking skin. As well as the wonderful rosehip base, this night time cleansing essential has damask rose essential oil, especially helpful for dry, sensitive skin types prone to redness and blemishes. The organic yarrow essential oil helps to even skin tone and marshmallow leaf extract, which gently soothes and calms the skin.

Best for: calming and soothing

2. Suti Skincare - Organic Facial Oil For Night 

Nighttime is the best time to use precious facial oils, as the skin can absorb all the rich nutrients and replenish and rejuvenate as you sleep. The Organic Facial Oil For Night from Suti Skincare is made up of Avocado Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jasmine & Patchouli and is made with 99% Organic Ingredients. This intensively nourishing Face Oil can be added into your normal nighttime skin routine to strengthen and promotes skin cell growth while you sleep.

Best for: nourishing & hydrating 

3. Suki Skincare - Nourishing Facial Oil 

If your skin is in need of a rebalance, the Suki Skincare Nourishing Facial Oil could be the answer. Containing jojoba, borage & hazelnut this luxurious oil blend matches the skin's own complex chemistry delivering perfect hydration for overall harmony. If you're prone to break out the oil addresses chronic to cystic, & flare-ups, oily t-zone build up, clogging, irritations, oil imbalances, redness, swelling & spots. 

Best for: breakout prone skin 

4. Aroma Works - Rejuvenate Face Serum Oil

Enriched with precious high quality facial oils including rose, frankincense & bergamot the luxurious Aroma Works Rejuvenate Face Serum Oil is designed to help combat signs of ageing. 

Best for: combating ageing & fine lines 

5. 1001 Remedies - Treasure Oil 

1001 Remedies Treasure Oil is 100% natural and organic premium certified organic Argan moroccan oil. A much loved oil that has a proven track record in softening and soothing the skin. This multi-purpose product is rich in Omega 6, Polyphenol and Fatty Acid to help moisturise the skin & hair; helping reduce the signs of ageing and stretch marks.

Best for: versatility, this is a great all rounder 

So are you ready to try a new facial oil? Shop the full collection of serums and oils here.

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