3 Wellness Hacks to Help You Feel Your Best While Flying

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Posted: Apr 24 2018

Did you know that in some aircraft cabins humidity levels can drop to 2%? 

Flying for long periods of time can take a toll on your skin.  In order for our skin to be comfortable, humidity levels need to be between 30 - 64%.

To avoid landing with dull, parched skin, we recommend the following wellness tips:


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

For plump, juicy, and healthy skin, your skin cells need to be properly hydrated.  In the days leading up to the flight and when you're on the plane, make an effort to drink water as much as you can.  Bring a large water bottle with you or take advantage of the flight crew's water service.


Take Supplements

Taking supplements can help you fight jet lag and also provide you with vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.  You can either mix powder supplements with your drink or take it in pill form.  We recommend Alchemy's Morning Elixir or VITL Essentials.



Foods to avoid

To avoid the post-flight bloat, stay away from carb-heavy foods like bread or pasta and anything high in sodium and sugar.  Also, try limiting your caffeine or alcohol to keep your skin hydrated.  Instead, drinking a juice full of hydrating vegetables like cucumber, carrots, celery, beets or drinking herbal teas will increase your water intake and give you even more vitamins and minerals.


With these tips in mind, you should arrive looking and feeling fresh-faced. Happy travels!

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