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Now 15 % off with coupon code XMAS2018 - See our worldwide Christmas delivery dates

3 Ways To Fight and Reverse Skin Damage

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Posted: Jun 26 2018

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While being active outdoors can be beneficial to your health, being exposed to the environmental elements can have a negative effect on your skin.  In addition to the sun, more research is showing that pollution can accelerate skin aging.  When our skin becomes exposed to indoor and outdoor pollution, the free radicals attack the cells and our skin's anti-oxidants.  Particulate matter and heavy metals, which are found in a polluted environment, can penetrate deeper into our skin and cause even more damage.

Thanks to research and technology, there are things you can do to fight pollution and reverse skin damage.  Here's what  Dr. Daria Voropai recommends:

Cleanse your skin properly AM and PM

This step is really important to remove all the particles in your skin.

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Use an antioxidant serum every AM

Create an additional barrier using an antioxidant serum.  "Ideally, you have a sunscreen with high SPF + high PPD rich in antioxidants," says  Dr. Daria Voropai.  We recommend Oskia's Citylife range.

Get medspa treatments

"You should consult your dermatologist or skin therapist about additional  in-office treatment against sun damage, like TCA-peels and laser treatments," says  Dr. Daria Voropai.   She's currently loving a "High percentage TCA-peel combined with Kojic acid which doesn’t peel your skin and thus doesn’t have a downtime.  Gives great results and can be used during summer months as well."

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