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3 Mindful Exercises That Can Help With Your Anxiety

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Posted: Jul 31 2018

Many of us worry and it's no secret that anxiety and stress levels have been steadily increasing for several decades now.  In fact, one in fourteen people suffer with anxiety -- that's 7.3% of the world's population!  If you feel like you're alone when you're dealing with anxiety attacks, you're definitely not.  

Anxiety affects both the body and mind, and in the moment of panic, it's not the easiest to snap out of it.  So here are some expert-approved techniques that can help you with your anxiety:


1. Mindful Breathing

Our bodies are primed for action when it thinks we're about to face a threat.  For anyone familiar with anxiety, these physical sensations may sound familiar.  Studies show that deep, controlled breathing signals to the body that everything is ok -- the breathing slows down your heart rate, regulates the stress response, and diverts blood back to the brain and digestive system.  

To learn how to breathe mindfully, read our last post here.  You'll want to purposefully watch and feel your breath.



2. Mindful Observation

Pick something out of your environment to divert your focus on your anxiety.  This could be the carpet in between your toes, the bubbles in your coffee, the rustling of the leaves -- the purpose is to notice and appreciate simple things in your environment.  Listen, watch, and feel this object as if you are seeing it for the first time.



3. Mindful Gratitude

Practice gratitude daily.  Instead of worrying, say what you're thankful for every morning or night.  This could be as simple as, "I'm thankful for having a warm bed to sleep in" or "I'm thankful for the delicious chocolate cake I ate tonight."  You'll find that you'll start to worry less and have a more positive outlook towards life.


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