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Posted: May 18 2015

Perfume is one of the most luxurious finishing touches to a beauty routine. Giving you a dose of that little extra something that can put a spring in your step and attract compliments. Often though, you can find it starts to lose its effect throughout the day. Here are some tips and tricks to help your perfume go the distance.

1) Use Pulse Points

It's true, adding perfume to your pulse points is an age old, tried and tested method. Whatever your preferred application technique, dab or swipe  the fragrance anywhere that will react with the heat of your body. Popular pulse points are of course the neck and wrists, but don't forget the lessor loved spots like the inside of the elbows and behind the knees. Don't go overboard though, if you're going to be applying all over your body, a few dabs will be sufficient. 

Fragrance pick: This Arran Aromatics perfume is inspired by the rugged and beautiful coast of Scotland. It's a light, fresh scent perfect for Spring / Summer 2015. With a blend of citrus top notes including lemon, lime and mandarin with rose, musk and precious woods to form the heart and base notes of the fragrance.

2) Layer Up

Your fragrance routine need not be a spritz or a mist of your favourite scent before you walk out the door. For something truly long lasting, start from the moment you step into the shower. Layering up, from your body wash to the final spray of your perfume will ensure you'll smell delicious all day long. 

Start by lathering up with this Arran Aromatics Bath Shower gel, then move on to the Arran Aromatics body lotion  and finish off with a mist of their signature scent 'After The Rain'. By the end of the day, when you're still fresh and gorgeous, you'll thank us!

3) Don't Bruise The Fragrance

You don't have to rub and grind the scent into your skin, in fact most experts agree that over rubbing the perfume into your wrists actually decreases the potency of the scent. Instead you should mist and allow it to dry naturally. For a great, powerful yet delicate smell that deserves to sing, we recommend this delightful Miller Harris Perfume - Fleur Oriental. 

This Miller Harris Fragrance is seductive and mysterious; a classic re-invention of the oriental perfume family. Fleur Oriental combines rich and sensual notes of amber, vanilla and musk to create a deep and opulent base. 

Ready to upgrade your perfume experience? You can get 15% off right now when you use the code SPRING15 at the checkout. 

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