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The biggest sale event of the year kicks off on Monday 19 November - BE REMINDED WHEN DEALS ARRIVE

Meet The Makers: Little Butterfly London

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Posted: May 11 2015

Little Butterfly London is a luxurious organic skincare range developed for heavenly babies. Founded by Gudrun Wurm, a mum and natural skincare lover who felt frustrated by the lack of good baby skincare products on the market. After finding nothing suitable she decided to tackle the problem head on and create something truly unique. She kindly took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us.

On her inspiration:

"I always wanted to run my own business but I didn’t really have an idea back then, but when I had my first child, I started searching the department store shelves for natural skincare for babies and I couldn’t find anything unique. It wasn’t just an issue in the UK, I saw it everywhere especially because I was always travelling. I would always be looking for baby products (because you always need them!) but there was really nothing that ready stood out or looked luxurious. I wanted to create something that not only looked luxurious but was also luxurious in terms of the content." 

On the quality of the range:

"The entire range uses the best ingredients, no filler oils like olive oil, sunflower oil or sesame oil. The formulations are very complex, not complex in a complicated way but in a considered way. For example our nappy change cream has over 18 different ingredients. From apricot oil to mango and cocoa seed butter, everything is really thought through and has a purpose. Not only are the products high quality but they look gorgeous in every bathroom."

On the challenges of the business:

"It’s been a very challenging ride, but a fun ride at the same time. I didn't come from the world of the beauty industry, but I always had a passion for cosmetics. I’ve done natural cosmetics courses and made my own little creams here and there but when you set up your own range it’s a big challenge. I really had to go away and find out everything for myself. What works, who’s producing it, then making sure everything is really high quality. The whole journey was a challenge, because at first it was all brand new to me, but it’s very satisfying when you’re faced with a challenge like this, and then you find a solution." 

On her favourite product:

"Probably the nappy change cream. We tried over 20 different formulas to get it where we really wanted to get it, so that one is my favourite. I had quite a firm idea of what I wanted to create and so we had to redo the formula until we got there. Even delaying to launch of the range so we could get it absolutely perfect. It’s also provides a really great experience for mum. After bath time, using the body lotion, the massage oil and then you top it off with a really nice nappy change cream. You really feel you’ve done your job when your little bundle goes to bed moisturised and nourished with all the precious oils you’ve put on them. It’s a nice feeling."

On the reaction to the range:

"It was extremely positive, I had designed the range to cater for very sensitive skin so I wanted to make sure that we were ticking all the boxes. We then dermatologically tested the product, so you take skin issues like eczema, dry skin or really highly irritable skin and made sure that nothing we produced would irritate delicate skin.

One mum kept having problems with her baby’s dry skin, and nothing she did was working, but after using the moisturiser and massage oil from the range found that it cleared up quickly."

Treat your little bundle, see the full Little Butterfly range here. 

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