How to Choose Perfume Gift Sets for Men

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Posted: Feb 04 2015

Whether his birthday is coming up, or you want to find something special for Valentine's Day, getting the right fragrance for your man is a great way of showing how much you really know him, and you get a good deal out of it too. "Getting the right fragrance" is the hard part though. What works well for one man doesn't necessarily work well for another, and there are so many different things to take into consideration even before you get onto brand or price.

At Sulis & Thermae, fragrance is our specialty, so we've put together an extensive list of factors to take into consideration when choosing the right perfume for Him.


A man's lifestyle is one of the most important considerations when it comes to getting the right scent. Whether he's a businessman who loves to make a good first impression in his meetings, a young athlete who is proud of his achievements or a socialite who makes the most of his free time, the way your man lives his life will decide everything about how he should wear his fragrance, and which ones work best for him.

Think about how he lives his life, then close your eyes and imagine him in his element, his perfect moment. What fragrances are in the air? What is the first thing you think of? Most likely, these are the fragrances that will work best for his lifestyle, and you should look for a perfume that helps put him in the zone.

Does he travel a lot? Consider the 'Oxford & Cambridge Cologne for the Traveller' men's perfume gift set, perfect for a sophisticated businessman on the go.


It's also important to take your man's personality into account when choosing the right scent. It's all very well thinking that an overpowering scent will give your man a sense of authority in the meeting room, but if he prefers to play it subtle then his fragrance will be completely at odds with his personality.

Think about how he likes to act, and how he likes to appear, before choosing one scent over another. The simplest guide here is to think about what he likes, and then follow your instincts from there.

Does he fancy himself a romantic? The 'Jardin de Poete' from Eau D'Italie carries the citrus scent of orchards and speaks of the poet in the heart of its wearer.


Depending on his lifestyle and personality, he might want to wear his scent to work, or he might prefer something that he can use for social occasions. Maybe he wants both, something that can combine his work and home life to summarise him completely. Will he wear it often, or only for special occasions? The right scent is perfect for its specific scenario, or for all of them, so you need to make sure you find something that works with your man when he needs it to.

Think about when he is most comfortable with himself, and where he loves to be. Think about the impression he wants to give of himself and when he wants to give it. Then find a scent that fulfils his needs, whether it be for a time, place or special event.

Does he like to relax? Czech and Speake's 'Spanish Cedar EDP Spray' has all the tones of a smooth, relaxed man.


Much like finding the right perfume for the right scenario, it's vital to get the right scent for the job. Depending on what he wants his perfume to do, and how much effort he wants to put into it, you might find yourself getting something that fits everything about him perfectly, but that he never feels the need to use.

Think about when he is likely to use fragrance, and why? Is he just going to use it to add to his daily scent, or is he going to use it for getting the perfect close to that negotiation, or even for use on special occasions with you? Make sure that what you're buying for him is what he needs.

Does he want something that makes him feel fresh? The Miller Harris 'Citron Citron Eau de Parfum' is ideal for a fresh fragrance and feel, especially in hotter weather.


Of course, as people age their tastes change, and so does fashion, so what works for an older man in his prime is different for an aspiring young man with life's journey ahead of him. What's in fashion now works great if you're of a fashionable age, and many people prefer to stick with what was fashionable when they were young. Make sure to take his age into account when choosing a perfume, and if you want to do your research, take a look at the changing fashions of men's fragrance.

Popular Men's Perfume

Once you've taken everything else into consideration, it's always a good idea to start from the top. Two similar sounding fragrances might actually be of completely different qualities, and when you're shopping for perfume, there are a lot of bad options out there, so it's good to go for something that you know is good.

Try looking at lists of men's perfume top 10, or taking a look at what's getting good reviews in the world of perfume. Or take a look at our own selection of premium quality men's fragrances, all hand-picked by our specialists as the best you can buy. Perhaps even get a little something for yourself too. After all the hard work you've put in to getting the right gift for him, you deserve something yourself too.

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